Anonymous asked:

Im so glad you're going to do my weigh in request :D cant "weight" to see how much you weigh in a few weeks ;D (The pun was terrible, but i had to do it lol)

Haha ☺️. I can’t ‘weight’ either! It might be ‘weigh’ more than I weigh now πŸ˜‰

Anonymous asked:

You're getting so many encouragements because you seem really sweet from the way you write :) many bbws are getting hate messages and even threats. Keep it up that way sweetie!

Ahw thank you! 😊 havent got any of those so far luckily :).

Putting on a few!

An anonymous request to keep you updated a few times a week on how much I weigh..

Since you’re all being so sweet, and i’m getting loads of messages and new followers everyday, I think it’s the least I can do ;).

So about 3 weeks ago, when I started my blog I was at 240 lbs, right now i’m at 250 lbs already. I’m obviously getting even softer and more curvy than I was..☺️

Still feel free to ask me anything and reblog my pics!


Anonymous asked:

Just a suggestion question (parden the rhyming lol) Think you could do a weigh in every few days or so? (Maybe like once or twice a week) and tell us what you weigh and how much you weighed at your last weigh in. It would be fun for you to see your growth (if any at all) and would be a turn on for your followers :D and maybe it would give new comers a reason to follow you :) Thats just my two cents though. I hope its an idea you decide to implement into you blog though :D

I could probably do that..:)